Age of Warfare


Nuclear war has ravaged the Earth leaving a few exposed to the radiation as zombies. These zombies are mounting an all out attack against the humans to gain control of the New World. Choose either the humans or zombies and control who dominates the war torn Earth!

Age of Warfare is a real time strategy game made specifically for the iPhone unlike any game on the market. Choose your own civilization and what buildings and units to build, but choose wisely so that you can defeat your opponent and gain total victory!


  • Free Play (All out battle against your opponent starting from scratch)
  • Easy and medium difficulty levels for beginning and more experienced players in free play
  • Tutorial for first time players
  • Upgrade to hard difficulty with an In-App purchase for more advance players who want to challenge themselves
  • Also included in the In-App purchase upgrade are 5 Missions with all difficulty levels
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 6 different unit types for each civilization
  • 8 different building types for each civilization
  • Stat page that keeps track of all stats from victories to total units destroyed
  • 16 achievements utilizing Game Center
  • Global leader boards for all difficulty levels on all missions so that you can see where you rank in the world