ArithmAttack is a fantastic game for anyone who wants to have hours of fun, while expanding their mind as well. Try to beat your best time, or have your friends play too and see who can get the fastest time!

ArithmAttack is a simple game. All you have to do is add, subtract, multiply, or divide all four numbers once to reach 12, 24, or 36 depending on the difficulty. This game also uses a clever algorithm to come up with the four numbers, so that any number combination that is solvable is possible to get.

Race the clock in to try to get your fastest time. Get one wrong or skip and receive a 20 second penalty!


  • Instructions to explain basic gameplay
  • Easy (12), Medium (24), and Hard (36) modes
  • Save High Scores separately for Easy, Medium, and Hard modes
  • Save High Scores to global GameCenter leaderboard
  • Solutions after every puzzle that you get wrong or skip
  • In-App upgrade

Have fun!